Rob + Kristin | An Intimate YXE Wedding


Effortlessly, these two showed up, full of love, as I’m sure they do every single day. It was evident that their hearts are for one another, not just in a “cloud nine” way, but in a deep devoted way. Every moment we spent with them was relaxed, and overflowing with such joy and love. There was a peace sown through that day, as they celebrated with those closest to them. Their family and dearest friends gathered around them, they vowed to always choose one another. Here’s a little glimps into their beautiful day.

Quinn + Siera | An Elegant YXE Wedding


Where do we start with these two?  It's obvious that Quinn + Siera are not only classy people, but they are full of love.  And not just for each other.  It was clear from every interaction they shared with all who were present on this day, that they are people who live from love.  They are people of integrity...deeply devoted to God, and to letting their lives be beacons of light.  

Joy follows them wherever they go, and they wear kindness around their necks.  Greatness goes before them.  They live the kind of lives that shift and move what's broken back into place.  We watched the people who know and love them, adore and honour them in countless ways - from joyful glances, to shared laughter, to stories and songs.  What a beautiful life is being built here, between these two.  

Here's a glimps into their beautiful day...

A Cozy Newborn Session


There's nothing quite like newborn love.  I love watching a brand new mom and dad, fall in love every moment with their brand new baby.  It's a love full of genuine joy, awe, and excitement.  It's a love almost impossible to put into words.  Even in the middle of the late night feeds, or poop explosions, or the passionate wee cries, our hearts overflow with such a deep running love.  And in time that love grows in different ways, as we begin to know this sweet little being we've been gifted with.  It ebbs and flows as we effortlessly draw our little ones near.  We become selfless in the process, giving ourselves with their every need.  It becomes our joy to care for and satisfy them with our love.  This is the beautiful beginning of parenthood.  

following Presence


We are following God's presence with some pretty big stuff recently. During this time I have been reflecting on the challenges of life-altering decisions. Change can be extremely difficult, for many reasons. I think it's often worth it, especially if you are being called to by your Creator.

Our value that we have for the presence of God will be seen in our surrender to direction change - Chris Cruz 

Let's start where sometimes we are found. Stuck deep in our own muck of life. Stuck in where we had the most success, trying to recreate that old success in our new thing. Sometimes we stay because we feel guilty, we listen to negative lies spoken over us. Whether from our own humanity or words other's say. Each observer has a perspective and we possibly want to control that perspective, which is an impossible feat. 


I've been there. I've been stuck, all the while close friends + God are calling me to move forward and leave the past behind. But I am so full of 'what if's' I can't see the forest from the trees. What I can see is a web of confusion, guilt, and fear. The only escape is to step out of that web and walk free. That step can be paralyzing, but it really requires next to nothing of us.

We are already doing the hard work desperately holding onto an old situation we are called to leave. 

Even a successful situation, even a good one, even one producing fruit. But the call to leave is simple, you are no longer where you are meant to be. We often find ourselves knowing we need to move forward, but you are saying that the old situation needs you, as an excuse to not. 

Why I am saying this? Why am I saying this. Because we are moving onto a new thing. And because this is a new year, a new you, a new chance to shed those layers you know you need to shed. 


At Meraki+Light we believe we are created for a purpose, and each of us are unique creations. No two alike, created for abundant living. Created to walk in the way you are gifted and called to. To bring your whole wonderful self to the table. To stop listening to the old lies and excuses that stop us from shining. 

Do not grip the old, you will lose the new. - Chris Cruz, Bethel Church

What are you holding onto that isn't serving you? That is taking you away from what you were truly called to do. What is stealing your time, time you need to realize your dreams? 

We must let go of these things if we really want to thrive. Besides life is short. Yes, that is the old standby saying, but the older I get the more it seems to be fairly valid! Life is short. Take this cold cold month to make of list of what steals your attention. Find out what needs to stay and what can go. What will give you the freedom you need to pursue your dreams. Is it a thought pattern, or a belief you hold tightly, maybe it's being too concerned about what others think of you, or fear you will fail and be deeply embarrassed. As a wonderful friend told me tonight, 'so what?'. So what. 


Does God have a plan or purpose for my life? Does He have one for your life? YES!  The answer is yes. Now go move forward in that purpose.