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Hi I’m Tamarah

I’m in pursuit of a simple life, built upon experiences rather then the consumption of things. I believe that we were created from Love, for love.

Before I’m an artist I’m loved and known by my Creator, the One who inspires my creativity. I’m a wife to an amazing man who never stops believing in me, and a mother to four incredible little human beings, three here in my arms, and one in heaven. My family is my first passion and calling - they are the ones who inspire me daily to love more deeply, and create with intention. For me photography is a tool to express and document love stories, that will be passed down for generations to come.

I love a warm, hand-crafted mug of quality coffee accompanied by slow mornings, delicious food — especially when shared with good company, and meaningful conversation. I’m inspired by nature, and love to sit in the wonder of creation to find rest.

I seek to create an environment for connection to happen, and inspire a safe place for people to fully be themselves. I’d love to capture your love story.





my work

I believe in the power of love and the beauty found in family. The kind of love that chooses to show up every day, when it’s good, when it’s hard, when it’s beautiful and when it’s messy. I believe in sowing into moments instead of things, and showing up fully for the ones we love - and for me, that’s what these photographs are all about.